Here at The GiveAway Club LLC, we work to bring you the best prizes and experiences for a chance at your dreams. We have any and every type of sweepstakes you can imagine, ranging from simple electronics all the way to cars and houses. Our Goal here at The GiveAway Club is to bring the best sweepstakes experience and the least amount of hassle.  


We have been in business for nearly 3 years, striving to offer different sweepstakes to the industry and create a better experience for you. 

Most of our retail products are currently made in the U.S. and all sweepstakes are currently open to citizens in the US. (check each campaigns rules for all applicable restrictions) 

We are located in Manhattan Beach, CA (County of Los Angles). If you have any additional questions feel free to reach out at anytime to our support team at: support@thegiveawayclub.com 

The Giveaway Club, Clothing, Manhattan Beach, CA